"One of my all time, top Arkansas films."
- Dan Anderson, Director
Hot Spring Documentary Film Institute

"Natural State is applied enviromental anthropology and documentary filmmaking at its best!" - James R. Veteto, PhD Enviromental Anthropologist


Apr 18, 2011


Dear Concerned Carroll Electric members and supporters:

Below is contact list for CE’s board of directors. We urge you to contact your respective board member with questions, concerns and feedback regarding issues that you would like addressed. It is important that we hold our directors accountable and that we let them know we are paying attention.

The location and time of this year’s annual meeting is still a mystery. If anyone learns this information, please let us know.

Carroll Electric Board of Directors Contact Information:

District 1 (2017): David Glass, Pres. Liberty Bank of Siloam Springs, 318 E. Main St.,
Siloam Springs AR 72761, 479-524-8101.

District 2 (2011): J. Neff Basore, Cooper Communities, Inc., 903 N 47th ST, Rogers, AR
72756, (evidently lives in Bella Vista). 479-246-6500, 800-648-6401
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Apr 15, 2011


Dear Concerned Carroll Electric members and supporters,

On Monday, April 11th, Marcie Brewster delivered to the Carroll Electric Berryville headquarters, petitions with 1,300 signatures in support of Marcie’s nomination for the CE board of directors. She was told by CE Director of Corporate Communications, Nancy Plagge, that the petitions would be verified by a team of CE employees and validated by John Burrow, a Fayetteville attorney, past election commissioner and friend of CE attorney John Everett. Plagge said the petitions would be verified and validated by Wednesday.

This afternoon, Thursday, April 14th, Marcie received phone messages from both Burrows and Plagge and rather than return their calls she went to Carroll Electric to meet with them in person. Marcie was informed that of the 1,300 signatures submitted, 1,076 were valid. Of those, 242 were from District 6. The bylaws require 250. Marcie was told that she failed, by 8 votes, to meet the requirements for being placed on the ballot.
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Mar 29, 2011


There is a screening this week in Little Rock at the 2nd Presbyterian Church on the corner of 430 and Cantrell St. Everyone is welcome. Admission is free. Come down and watch the film!

600 Pleasant Valley Drive
(screening being held in Second Hall)

There are more screenings in the works. One will be in Fayetteville at U of A for their Earth Day Festival in mid-April. More info to come.


Mar 26, 2011

Welcome to the brand new site!

Thanks for visiting our site!

We are glad to announce it finally launched. Tell us what you think, and let us know if you have trouble navigating it.

Together, we can keep Arkansas water clean!


Dear Concerned Carroll Electric Members,

This is an update on our efforts to nominate and elect *Marcie Brewster* to the board of directors of Carroll Electric Cooperative. We are enthused that so many supportive members have stepped forward to sign petitions and help collect signatures for Ms Brewster’s nomination. If you haven’t already done so, we ask everyone concerned about the future direction of our cooperative to please help nominate and elect Marcie Brewster to the board. Several hundred signatures have been collected so far but we need *800-1000* more to provide a cushion for those which will inevitably be rejected by Carroll Electric as invalid.

Petitions are available to sign at the following locations:

In *Jasper*: Emma’s Museum of Junk and the Boardwalk Cafe
In *Ponca*: Lost Valley Canoe Rental
In *Berryville*: It’s a Mystery bookstore on the square
In *Marble*: Petersen’s Granite and Marble
In *Eureka Springs*: Gazebo Books
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Mar 23, 2011

Water March to the Capitol!

Today is the water march in Little Rock!!

This is a march for water, and an opportunity for the people of Arkansas to come together in support of healthy rivers, streams, lakes, springs, and water wells.

Critical Legislation affecting Arkansas’s water will be on the agenda on Wednesday at the state Capitol. Seven bills have been introduced that are intended to ensure that natural gas development respects Arkansans’ individual property rights and protects our air, land, and water. We will march to the Capitol to show our support!

We will be there with cameras. Videos will be up soon!