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Complaint Case Update (Please Make Comments)

Dear Concerned Carroll Electric Members and Supporters:

Our case before the APSC is still pending and, as far as we know, the public may still make comments to the APSC by going here:

Either scroll down the page to Docket Number 11-077-C or enter the number in the drop-down menu which says “Select Docket” and complete the comment form.

Please note that the the deadline date for Carroll Electric’s No Spray Request is Thursday March 15th.

We have attached a link to Carroll Electric’s
Vegetation Management Plan.
The No Spray Request can be found on page 22.

Dane Schumacher Wild_firefarm@yahoo.com 870 545-3120
Randy Janowitz randy@randyjanowitz.com 870 446-2176
Gordon Watkins gwatkins@ritternet.com 870 446-5783

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